Welcome…My name is Fenn and first and foremost I am a mother to a beautiful young girl, I have an amazing partner and family and a good supportive network of lifelong friends. I am a people person and have dedicated the last 20 years to working with people as I enjoy bringing comfort and support to others.

I am a Natural born Psychic Medium. From childhood I would often just know things about people and would be able to feel other people’s emotions. I had premonitions in and out of dream state.  As a child I saw Spirit with my physical eye and often played with my Grandma Rose, I never felt alone. Initially, as a younger person it would often scare me and I would try to block it out. It wasn’t until later on that I was ready to develop my ability and this was brought on by the encouragement of family and friends who spurred me on.

My Development started in my twenties at a nearby group with a local well known Medium. My ability was already there but this group gave me the confidence that I needed and from then I started working professionally. As part of my development I have spent a lot of time training with Top Psychic Mediums at the Arthur Findley College of Psychic Studies. I attend many workshops and courses to gain as much knowledge in my work as I can. My aim is to always give my best at all times and ensure you leave me feeling uplifted and positive.

I love my work and as well as my readings I also organise Holistic Events which is another passion of mine. The most important aspect to me is the atmosphere and energy of the people who work at my fayres and the public that the fayres attract. I prefer to work alone organising these events which can be hard but very rewarding. I also run workshops in various subjects such as Psychic Development and Mediumship. More recently I have organised a weekend retreat.

In my readings I generally use a mixture of Tarot, Mediumship, Psychic Intuition and Counselling. I work very closely with my spirit guides who I trust implicitly. I am a grounded person who is open and honest and I will deliver messages to you from my guides or your loved ones in the way they are given to me. I do not sugar coat, I tell you how it is. In saying that, my readings are always a positive experience and they are to guide you, help you with certain aspects and situations in your life, and to bring you comfort from loved ones you have lost. I have often been asked if I see when someone is going to die and the short answer is NO! If I did see this I would certainly not deliver this message and I would re-evaluate the way I was working as I personally feel you should not be getting this kind of negative information.

When attending a reading with me I will always welcome you and make you feel comfortable. I will always take the time to explain how I work and ensure you leave feeling that you have had a positive experience. Many of my clients have returned over and over including people in the public eye. My main satisfaction is being able to help people in some kind of way. I absolutely love this work and in being able to do it I am living my dream.

Love and light


Please send all feedback to enquiries@fennpsychicmedium.co.uk.