One to one private readings ~     These are one to one personal sittings where I can offer guidance in all aspects of your life. I like to use a mixture of Tarot, Mediumship and Psychometry but can tailor to your individual needs. I like to work with photographs and jewellery and if you are hoping to connect with a loved one please bring a photograph or an object belonging to them as this helps me to link in. All I ask is that you come with an open mind. The reading includes a FREE recording.

Telephone & Skype Readings ~These are just as effective as face to face readings and may suit people that do not live nearby or do not have time to attend an appointment. To arrange, please either email or telephone to make a suitable appointment time. You can call my mobile.

Intuitive support sessions ~ These sessions are 90 minutes long and we go through any issues or problematic area. I am lucky enough to have natural strong Psychic intuition and I can use this skill to enhance the sessions gaining insight in to situations that you are unable to do yourself. Each session is tailored to the individuals needs. It maybe that we do an intuitive reading and then look at any issues that arise and I support you to find ways of resolving these. Alternatively you may feel that you already have things that you would like to work through and I can support with this using my intuitive and empathetic skills. Sometimes people come for readings and they have issues that are high lighted within the reading, these sessions are like an extension of that and will include ideas and guidance on how to resolve the issues and move forward.

Here are some popular areas you may like to use the sessions for -

Any sessions thereafter last around an hour.

If I am unable to support then I will sign post you to appropriate agencies.

TV Work~

I work for Psychic today - Sky channel 886 pin number 6812. To contact the show for readings please call 09070044407 or 0808 206 421 or you can watch the show online at

I will be appearing regularly throughout each month either via webcam or live from the studio. Dates will be posted on my facebook page.

Events~ Click here for details of psychic events.

Workshops~ Click here for details of psychic workshops.

Please note that all readings come with a FREE recording.

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