I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your reading yesterday. You were so on point with my situation and it’s given me a lot of food for thought. I’m looking forward to what’s coming.

Anton   Antigua

Fenn, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can not believe how accurate you were with my reading! I felt like you had known me for years!!! I found your guidance so helpful and apt to my situation. I will certainly be recommending you in the future. Looking forward to the next one

Alison New Zealand

Fenn is incredible. I have seen a lot of Psychics over the years but she is something else.


I had a reading from Fenn late October 2017. It was a wonderful experience and everything Fenn said resonated with me. Fenn is a beautiful women who says things how it is not what I want to hear but what I need to know. Thank you Fenn ❤

Leilah Australia

I went to see Fenn yesterday (1st Dec) for my first reading with her. She explained the process very clearly and taped the reading so she could send it to me on What'sApp which was very handy not having to take notes. She described so many aspects of my character, my husband, the relationship we have, the nature of future work with spot on details. What really blew me away was what happened when my mum came through - I was hoping it might happen as she passed in February this year - but I thought it was a long shot. Simply put it was almost like having a conversation with my mum....I came away feeling elated, very positive about work and future direction and delighted that my mum is at peace. It's very easy to be cynical (my husband was cynical when he heard the tape) but I have to say I connected to the quality of what she was saying - it resonated with me and I would strongly recommend Fenn to anyone who wants a genuine and accurate reading. She's a lovely warm person who absolutely loves what she does. Massive thumbs up from me.


Fenn is great. The reading was fun and extremely enjoyable. The details were absolutely spot on. The information that came from the reading were confirmations and I’ll be taking them on board. Thank you for the reading Fenn. I’ll definitely be back for a future reading from you that’s for sure! xx


I had my second phone reading with Fenn today and was once again not disappointed!! I have had a few readings before with other people, but I cannot fault how spot on and accurate Fenn is! Picking up on current situations and emotions. Even names and using them in the correct context. The only word that sums her readings up is amazing!! I wish I could have one everyday!! X

Caroline London

Fenn gave me and my partner a reading in January 2017. It was my partners first ever reading so he was naturally apprehensive and Fenn made him feel at ease and comfortable in her home. Needless to say she ‘wowed’ him as she could tell him things from his past only he would know. He still raves about it when the conversation comes up with friends and family.

For me, who is very open to all things psychic, I thought Fenn was on point and picked up everything about me and how my future was looking. At the time I hadn’t done anymore on my spiritual healing courses and she said they were definitely worthwhile doing as I was a healer. I have followed the advice and am doing my crystal healing course.
She also performed some mediumship where my great Aunty came through and my Dads best mate, and it was great having those links. Fenn also has an amazing ability to ‘contact’ anyone you wish. I wasn’t sure if my nan was in spirit so asked to contact her and she came through and explained some family issues through Fenn. It was so amazing and truly a magical gift to have. I have recommended Fenn to loads of my friends snd Family and to anyone on her Facebook page. Thanks Fenn xxxx

Jenny S

This beautiful lady really is amazing. I was unsure at first how clear a email reading would be but I have just had the most accurate email reading, it was like I was writing it for myself.

Fenn is very honest with the information she picks up, even if it may not quite as you may like it to be but will be what you need to hear to lead you in the right direction.

If your curious...GIVE IT GO. It will amaze you...� xx

Donna G

Thank you for a great reading Fenn. You were on point with my current situation, and it gave me great comfort when my parents came through who you described to a tee. Thanks again..I have already recommended you too my friends! x


I have been to several psychics over the years, and this was my second visit to Fenn. While the others I saw were okay, they did not have the warmth and compassion  I felt with Fenn. I liked her immediately. 

She was warm and welcoming and has the ability to make you feel relaxed straight  away as if she has known you for years. 

Her room is very relaxing with beautiful objects and she explains how she works before starting the reading.  I have recommended her over and over to friends who have made appointments to have a reading with her. 

She was spot on with so many things and  gave me information I was hoping for from my mum and a very close friend that had passed over. 

I just could not believe it. I was shocked at her accuracy!
I am so looking forward to seeing her again.

Looking forward to attending her Mind Body Spirit Event at the Village Hotel in Farnborough. 


Fenn, I recently saw you at the Psychic fayre in Warsash and to be honest I wasn't expecting much as it was noisy and I thought it would just be very basic. How wrong was I!!! OMG!! I have never met anyone so accurate! You were telling me things that you could not possibly know as we had never met! You are the real deal!! 

I just want to thank you for your guidance and bringing my mum through. Amazing!!


Thank you for such a fantastic telephone reading. From my initial nervous enquiry, to making payment and my actual reading - I knew I could trust I was in good hands from start to finish. I have always preferred face to face readings as I heavily rely on physical attendance so I can see the surroundings, person, mannerisms etc, however having personally read every one of Fenn's testimonials, I decided it was easier and much more beneficial for me to sit in the comfort of my home and have my hour long reading via telephone.

Fenn proved I made the right decision and was brilliant from the word go. She pinpointed the imminent changes in my life with uncanny accuracy. She couldn't have known even the tiniest fraction of this including my immediate plan to move countries and live the ex pat life without using her superb psychic ability. She was able to tap into my family unit with such warmth and made me realise my own intuition about how they were feeling was correct - she just helped me to validate home, life and work even more. At the end of my reading, Fenn asked if I had any questions, I specifically asked about people in my life and gave their names. Fenn described each person's character with such accuracy, I almost felt she was sitting in my inner circle. I needed no further validation. 

Such a remarkable skill to be able to tap into each client, especially completely new clients, remotely is commendable and I personally will return and recommend Fenn again and again. Please do not doubt if telephone readings versus face to face readings are effective - you'll be pleasantly surprised as I was. 

Now - I am packing my bags ready for my travels and it will definitely include a telephone reading or two until I finally return to the UK and meet Fenn in person and what a pleasure that will be.


I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life when I was introduced to Fenn through a family member.  I was sceptical about having a reading, especially on the phone, as I live in a city outside of London.  I couldn't have been more wrong!
On my first reading, I was made to feel so comfortable and at ease even over the phone.  Fenn read everything about me; my life, family, situation literally spot on!  I was amazed at how much she knew about me just through a phone reading. 
For the last six months I've watched Fenn's readings unfold before my eyes; each & everything I was told has come true. 
I've had my second phone reading just over a week ago now and can honestly say the first one was not a fluke. 
Thank you Fenn for reinstating my self belief and confidence in my thoughts and feelings.  Thank you for giving me the strength to persevere over these last few months.


I met Fenn via a friend who felt I needed her help.
I feel I need to share how wonderful Fenn and her readings have been to me.
So now having just had my 2nd reading with Fenn, following the passing of my mum Sept 2015 and my dad March 2016, I feel so Calm and Strangely Happy and the comfort is wonderful now. I can actually talk about them both without crying.  I will always love and miss them, but know I can contact them at any time to see how they are.
First reading I was deeply wishing for my mum to come through. Fenn did not know who I wanted to make contact with. I was over joyed when my mum pushed herself forward plus guided by a dear friend who had passed in 2014.  After a few verifying questions I was in no doubt it was mum. It was wonderful to talk to mum via Fenn as mum did not speak for the last 7 weeks of her life with us before passing. She was ready to go could not go on the way she was.
The comfort I got from the things Fenn spoke of and knowing there was no way she would have known about any of the things she told me, they had to come from mum and now dad. Many details about both their funerals as well, so spot on.
I had my 2nd reading with Fenn following the passing of my dad. Again I was wishing for him to come through. He did come through and with my mum which was lovely. They were holding hands which was and still is something they did more of in later life.  Dad has his wish to be with mum again and is happy to be with her.  A strong feeling of comfort and peace came over me, knowing they are together again. Plus they have our pets over the years with them, this is wonderful to know we loved all 10 of them.
I look forward to my CD of the reading with dad, as I did with mum.

Fenn’s kindness and accuracy about mum and dad and how I was not coping in my life was 100% correct.  I will continue to see Fenn to see how mum and dad are, and the comfort knowing they are watching over me is hard to put into words.

I thank my friend for her suggestion to see Fenn plus Fenn for doing what she does with such compassion and she is a lovely lady. I will recommend Fenn to anyone with no hesitation. In fact I already have.


The best psychic medium by far! I booked myself in for a reading with Fenn a year after the passing of my chocolate Labrador, Yorkie. I have had people in my life pass over and I have grieved as anyone would, but I really struggled with coming to terms with losing my gorgeous dog, maybe partly because his passing was premature and I made the decision to have him euthanised. I saw three psychic mediums in my search for a connection with Yorkie, for comfort in knowing that he was happy and for reassurance that I had made the right decision, and only Fenn was able to give me this. Fenn gave me so much precise information, about the the very moment I felt my boy was telling me he was ready to go; she described where he was sat, the noises he made and my thought process at the time. Fenn described his water bowl next to him which I had unusually placed at the bottom of the stairs in his last few days, and she also described how he used to painfully wait for me to get ready for bed - he used to sit outside the bathroom door for almost 45 minutes every night and I always strongly suspected he hated it but he would not go to bed without me! There was so much more that Fenn gave me about my life, career and relationships; past, present and future but the information about my boy I will be eternally grateful for. Thank you so much Fenn x


What a day! We all had a fantastic time, the energy was amazing and so many lovely lovely people. A huge congratulations on a fantastic event Fenn, we would love to do it again! Lots of love from myself and the rest of the Little Shop of Wanders team xx


Such an amazing event! I have met so many wonderful people today and the atmosphere has been so warm and welcoming! Buzzing! Thank you Fenn for all of your hard work putting this together! xxx


Thanks Fenn for such a great event. Well organised and well attended. I had a great time and met some lovely people. Well done as I know these events don't run themselves - it takes a lot of work to make them successful. You deserve a good rest now! x


Successful day today at the Purple Fairy Holistic event hosted by Fenn :) realy lovely vibe, great variety of stalls and traders and LOADS of potential customers (no issues with footfall at all, they were waiting to get in before doors opened!) ;) Sold a few things and all in all I'm very happy with how it went. Saw some old faces and it was wonderful to see the lovely Caroline and Andy, thanks for coming guys! My freind who shared a table with me also sold lots of her beautiful handmade jewellery. So I am happy I did it!


I had a reading with Fenn after seeing how accurate she had been when reading a friend. Well, i have to say i was completely blown away with the reading she gave me, so so accurate. She went straight in and picked up on past experiences, present situations and made me aware of upcoming directions in my life. She brought through the spirit of a very dear friend of mine with absolute precision, it was breathtaking. She does this in the most supportive and caring way and it’s clear she wants to give of her very best at all times in such a genuine and sincere way. I left feeling uplifted, connected and with the utmost clarity moving forward in my life, and heartened that such a beautiful soul is putting out so much good into the world.

Rachel Stanley - Star Magic

Wow! Fenn is absolutely amazing, one of the best mediums I've ever had a reading off, her evidence is absolutely spot on! She is very honest, thorough & you will not doubt her ability, once you've had a reading with Fenn you won't want one off of anyone else x


I attended Fenn’s workshop with a very little and limited experience in developing my psychic side. The meditation exercises were really helpful in calming our minds and tuning our focus which helped immensely with the psychometry exercises.

The day was filled with theory, practical and life experience. We received a pack with useful information and a goody bag with lovely treats.

I left the workshop feeling really impressed with myself as I picked up a lot of information and I didn’t realise how psychic I could be.


This has been my 3rd sitting and can honestly say Fenn was accurate as ever. I recently lost my Mum which was very hard but now feel at peace as I know she is no longer suffering. Fenn was able to name some of her sisters and her children which is truly amazing.

Fenn has this ability to make you feel more positive about life. Would certainly recommend anyone to have a reading with Fenn, her ability is beyond words.


I initially chose to see a psychic during an extremely testing time in my life, Fenn was shockingly accurate in my first reading and I found comfort in her guidance. Within 8 months, all of what had been predicted at that first visit, did in fact happen. I have seen Fenn 5 times over the last 18 months and continue to be surprised by how accurate her readings are. I am hopeful that her most recent predictions will come to fruition in the not to distant future. I would, and have, strongly recommended Fenn to people looking for a psychic/medium, and I will continue to have readings myself in the future. Thank you Fenn for making sense when there was none.


I just wanted to say thank you so much Fenn. I so desperately needed to speak with my father and was over the moon when he came through and clarified things. I feel I can move forward now. Thank you so much you are a very gifted lady xx


Purple fairy event - I have never felt so comfortable at an event, the atmosphere is lovely.


Purple fairy event - This event is the best I have attended in 30 years.


Purple fairy event - What an amazing event, and lovely approachable people. When is the next one?


I would just like to to say a massive thank you for my phone reading last week, at a time when I needed some guidance & help you were there Fenn, you have an amazing gift. I can honestly say you were so accurate it still gives me goose bumps when I think of all you told me (in a good way!). I would highly recommend phone readings & have already to friends! Thank you again

Natalie - Guildford

I had a phone reading after being recommended by a friend - wasn't sure about a phone reading at first but Fenn was spot on - from my personality characteristics, family life, relationship situation and my partner and also the state of my business. It was very detailed and very specific. Things were brought up that she couldn't have guessed. I found it enormously helpful and reassuring.

Sally x

Hi. Just wanted to say a big WOW and THANK YOU for my amazing reading. You were recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so glad she did, because, having been to several psychic mediums over the last 35 years, you are up there with the best! The whole reading flowed and it just went by too quickly! It was also great having the reading recorded and being able to listen to the CD once at home.  I have recommended you to several friends and can't wait for them to experience your gifts at the party I am hosting soon. And for any sceptics out there I can assure you this girl is the real deal!! 

Sylvia W

Our party of ladies couldn’t have been happier with the service you provided Fenn.  Even the cynics left with a big smile and a little taken aback at the things they had been told.  You were so friendly, and put us all at our ease straight away.  You were able to tell people things that would help them in their future and also comfort them.  Nobody felt rushed and you made us all feel that our reading was as important to you as it was to us – thank you.  We were so impressed that we will be asking you to read for us again next month.  Brilliant night - very gifted lady.


Fenn came in to my life at my most difficult time in 2011 when I lost my mum and dad within a few months of eachother. I was at a very low point and desperate to know if my parents were ok and I was missing them. Fenn was able to tell me that they were both ok and that they were together and that mums passing had been peaceful.

To begin with, i was not sure about seeing Fenn, but her compassion and her acuracy about things that had gone on in my life were spot on.  I continue to see her whenever I can. The comfort that she brings me, letting me know that my parents are with me everyday, I cannot put in to words what this means.


Had a lovely reading from you in dec was very accurate  and everything you said was so right many thanks.


Hi Fenn,  I'm not sure if you would remember me, my name is  X and my mum X paid for me to have a reading with you back in September. In your reading you said that I would be expecting within the next few months and asked to let you know if this happened. Well, in November we found out that I was pregnant and have had quite a lot of morning sickness. I am actually 14 weeks and we are both thrilled. I just wanted to let you know! Take care X.


I've wanted a reading for a long time but have always been sceptical and reserved about this. Having Fenn recommended to me I thought I'd give it a go. I wanted specific details about my life and I was given my answers quickly with no prompts or guessing. She was very accurate and professional and is one of the nicest ladies I have met in a long time. The reading was done in comfortable surroundings and I felt safe and at ease. I would recommend Fenn to anyone and I'm already looking forward to my next reading.


You said you saw moving boxes and a 3 bedroom house was on the horizon for some time this year. 

We are waiting on the exchange and moving date for this month!!!


After visiting you for a reading I wanted to take the time to say a heartfelt thank you. I cannot begin to express how much the reading has helped me. After I found my grandfather had passed away unexpectedly the day after my nan I had so many questions left unanswered.

I never believed they would finally be answered. Thank you Fenn, you truly do have an amazing gift.

I think my mouth was wide open when you spoke of my nan's brooch  that I made her, and in such detail, unbelievable! And to repeat the special things that only myself and my much loved Granddad could EVER no...well it still leaves me speechless.

Words do not portray the gratitude I have for all you have done to help me .

Wishes really do come true...I got to tell my Granddad how much I loved him thank you Fenn x….

Donna S

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with you. You were so accurate and mentioned things that I had been talking about on my way to you! I left totally amazed at the things you had said and you knew things that you couldn’t possibly have known. You made me feel comfortable and I will be recommending you to people.


Thank you for my reading this evening…I was very impressed with your mediumship and the fact that my friend came through who had recently passed. It was amazing to get messages from him which I later passed on to his family and they were able to validate what you were saying. You said his presence was very strong and I couldn’t believe you were able to tell me what he wore on his wedding day even down to the carnation in his buttonhole. I also couldn’t believe how you picked up on his very bouncy personality. If anyone is looking for a genuine reader then I couldn’t think of anyone better.

Sarah H

My reading with you was very accurate and there were things you said that were spot on and no one else could have known. You put me at ease and I felt very comfortable with you. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Thank you


Hi, thank you again. I was very pleased with everything that you told me and I know it sounds silly but last night was the first time in a long time I felt at ease and relaxed and there was not much going on in the old brain lol. I reckon you have helped a lot so thank you very much  xx and thank you for the cd im looking forward to my partner listening to it, you never know I may make him a believer yet.


Please send all feedback to enquiries@fennpsychicmedium.co.uk.